Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Payment for in-country expenses

We have paid for the international air fare, which was the biggest piece of the cost of this trip. Eden has numbers for us for the domestic flight (Nairobi to Kaimosi and back) and the other domestic expenses. She says:

I've gone through all the numbers again, and I think we can safely charge $560 per person for all the in-country expenses (all accommodation, meals, transport, water, snacks, activities, tips, etc etc). The only thing people would pay for out of pocket would be souvenirs. How does this sound for a price?

You can pay in one of two ways. You can send a check to:
Friends United Meeting
101 Quaker Hill Drive
Richmond IN 47374

Or you can put it on a credit card at

In either case you should put in the memo "Peter Bishop group expenses". I'll make sure the folks at the FUM office know to expect this money, and what to do with it.

This means we don't need to carry a lot of cash, except for emergencies or, as she says, for souvenirs.

We can talk more at tomorrow's informational meeting (Thurs, March 17, 7 P.M., at Allyson's house).